Zoetis Student Corner


AAH-ABV wishes to thank Zoetis for their commitment to the human-animal bond and student education.  Through their generous donations, AAH-ABV is able to sponsor HAB-related seminars at various veterinary schools throughout the country.  It is with great appreciation that we dedicate this student page in gratitude for their generous efforts throughout the years.


Human-Animal Bond Club at UC Davis, California:

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The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine has a very active Human-Animal Bond Club.  Each month, they bring in speakers to discuss various aspects of the HAB in practice.  Talks for 2015 have included:

“Hospice Care and In-home Euthanasia: Supporting the Human-Animal Bond” by Dr. Lynn Hendrix of Beloved Pet Mobile

“Reserving Judgement in Challenging Cases: Honoring Different Presentations of the Human-Animal Bond” by Dr. Lynn Hendrix of Beloved Pet Mobile

“4Paws: Therapy Dogs and the Human-Animal Bond” by Dr. Joanne Yates and Chris Cohen.


Pictured above are the officers of the UC Davis HAB Club, from left to right: Savanna Vig, Josephine Noah, Genevieve Carreon, and Armeti Aghashani.  Also pictured here is a very special guest from Dr. Yates’ discussion–   therapy dog Jonny Justice,  a former Michael Vick dog that has found a new and amazing and love-filled life!


Human-Animal Bond Club at The Ohio State University

HABC 2013 Officers

Rachel Hollenbach (pictured second from the left) is a current student at the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in the class of 2016.  She has served as one of our two Student Directors at Large since 2013, and is the current president and founder of the Student Chapter of the AAH-ABV at Ohio State.

You can follow their student activities and community efforts on Facebook


Interested in starting a student chapter at your veterinary school?  Contact us to see how we can help!