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AAH-ABV wishes to thank Zoetis for their commitment to the human-animal bond and student education.  Through their generous donations, AAH-ABV is able to sponsor HAB-related seminars at various veterinary schools throughout the country.  It is with great appreciation that we dedicate this student page in gratitude for their generous efforts throughout the years.

Interested in starting a student chapter at your veterinary school?  Contact us to see how we can help! 

Human-Animal Bond Club at Washington State University:

The WSU HAB Club was co-founded in Fall of 2015 by Nicole Schwinkendorf, Kristin Kontogianis, Kara Fenity, and Michele Reinelt. Since then, it has developed into one of the most active clubs on the veterinary campus.

The American Association of Human Animal Bond Veterinarians’ (AAH-ABV’s) mission is to “advance the role of the veterinary medical community in nurturing positive human-animal interactions in society.” The WSU student chapter holds discussions, invites speakers, and runs activities to promote that mission.

From left to right: Adinah Wyle: 2016-18 President/President-Elect; Bridget Barry: 2017-18 Secretary;

Michele Reinelt: 2015-17 Treasurer; Kara Fenity: 2015-17 Secretary; Kirsten Price: 2017-18 Treasurer;

Kristin Kontogianis: 2015-17 President/President-Elect; Michaela Edgers: 2017-19 President/President-Elect

Look what they have been up to!

Important topics presented in clinical practice today that have been discussed in this club include: animal behavior problems and their effects on the HAB; pet grief in animals; fear-free feline handling; breed specific legislation; the HAB in developing countries; legal divisions of companion animals, therapy animals, and service dogs; hospice care; pets of homeless people; and Human Animal Bond centered practices.

In addition to these lecture, the WSU HAB Club developed educational opportunities for veterinary students centered on euthanasia. In 2016 the WSU HAB Club hosted a mock-euthanasia lab, and in 2017, it was developed into “Euthanasia Competency Month” complete with a series of lectures and labs designed to expose students to this unique procedure. Important topics covered were: the evolution of end of life care; family present euthanasia and how to prepare; “Convenience” euthanasia: convenient or complicated?; and the physiology, mechanisms and client communication of euthanasia. We also hosted two mock euthanasia labs complete with client actors, stuffed animals and an exam room. One was an introductory lab for first time participants, and one was an advanced lab for those who felt more comfortable with euthanasia. These labs enhanced the education of veterinary students in tangible ways by providing more clinical experience and client interaction. Students were encouraged to actively learn about the procedure by not only participating and making mistakes in a low-risk setting, but also through receiving individualized feedback, observing classmates and engaging in open discussion. These labs have proven to be sustainable, and we strongly believe they will provide a platform for veterinary professionals to be meaningfully involved in the local community. We hope to continue “Euthanasia Competency Month” and to build on the lectures and labs for years to come.

Advanced Euthanasia Lab: coaches, facilitators, student-participants, clients/actors and patients/stuffed animals ~ With Dr. Cary and the WSU Communication Department

Faculty and Residents’ Panel: Euthanasia Q&A, the Physiology, Mechanisms and Client Communication

Compassion Fatigue: the final lecture of Euthanasia Competency Month, 2017 ~ With Dr. Ruby and Dr. Erdman


Want to learn more or connect?

Please check us out on our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/WSU-CVM-Human-Animal-Bond-HAB-Club-426957397680553/

And on our student website (requires active WSU student ID): https://clubs.internal.vetmed.wsu.edu/clubs-home


Human-Animal Bond Club at UC Davis, California:

The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine has a very active Human-Animal Bond Club.  Each month, they bring in speakers to discuss various aspects of the HAB in practice.  Talks for 2015 have included:

“Hospice Care and In-home Euthanasia: Supporting the Human-Animal Bond” by Dr. Lynn Hendrix of Beloved Pet Mobile

“Reserving Judgement in Challenging Cases: Honoring Different Presentations of the Human-Animal Bond” by Dr. Lynn Hendrix of Beloved Pet Mobile

“4Paws: Therapy Dogs and the Human-Animal Bond” by Dr. Joanne Yates and Chris Cohen.


Pictured above are the officers of the UC Davis HAB Club, from left to right: Savanna Vig, Josephine Noah, Genevieve Carreon, and Armeti Aghashani.  Also pictured here is a very special guest from Dr. Yates’ discussion–   therapy dog Jonny Justice,  a former Michael Vick dog that has found a new and amazing and love-filled life!







Human-Animal Bond Club at The Ohio State University

HABC 2013 Officers

Rachel Hollenbach (pictured second from the left) is a current student at the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in the class of 2016.  She has served as one of our two Student Directors at Large since 2013, and is the current president and founder of the Student Chapter of the AAH-ABV at Ohio State.

You can follow their student activities and community efforts on Facebook