Supporting H-A Bond Research

WALTHAM-MARS/  AAH-ABV Awards WALTHAM-MARS  collaborated with the American Association of Human-Animal Bond  Veterinarians to select three studies for funding


WALTHAM-MARS is  also funding two larger scale studies of human-animal interaction

  • Dr. Cindy Wilson of the Uniformed  Services University of the Health Sciences will study owners and pets  exercising together and the implications for weight management
  • Dr. Erika Friedmann of the  University of Maryland will examine pet ownership effects for community  dwelling older adults who are pre- or mildly hypertensive

For information  about these and other funding opportunities for studies of the  Human-Companion Animal Bond please contact Sandra McCune at the WALTHAM  Centre for Pet Nutrition Tel: +44-1664-415535, email:

The WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition is a state-of-the-art pet care facility in United Kingdom  dedicated to progressing the health and welfare of pets worldwide.