aah-abv-veterinary-patientOur Mission is to advance the role of the veterinary medical community in nurturing positive human-animal interactions in society.

What is the  Human-Animal Bond?

“The human-animal bond is a mutually beneficial and  dynamic relationship between people and other animals that is influenced  by behaviors that are essential to the health and well-being of both.  This includes, but is not limited to, emotional, psychological, and  physical interactions of people, other animals, and the environment. The  veterinarian’s role in the human-animal bond is to maximize the  potentials of this relationship between people and other animals.”

Statement from the Committee on the Human-Animal Bond in JAVMA vol. 212, No. 11, p1675, June 1, 1998

Veterinary Medical professionals, and students  recognize:

  • The strong emotional attachment many people have  to their animals
  • The human-animal bond is a diverse,  multi-disciplinary, and collaborative field
  • They play an important stewardship, and  leadership role in the interrelationships between animals, people, and  their environment.
  • They play a significant role when there is an  anticipated or actual death of a companion animal.
  • Children’s lives are enhanced intellectually,  emotionally, and physically by animals.

The Human – Animal Bond Has been Scientifically  Proven To Benefit People:

  • Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated  the physiological and psychological health benefits people derive from  the presence of animals in their lives.
  • The prescription of an animal (dog, cat, bird,  horse, etc.) is becoming a reality in the human health professions.
  • Animals have been shown to provide physical and  emotional benefits and services to visually impaired, hearing impaired,  the elderly and others in need.

“The celebration, protection and nurturing of the  human-animal bond is veterinary medicine’s North Star. It is the reason  our profession exists, is trusted, admired and thrives. Veterinary  practice must be a blend of science and soul. Successful veterinarians  know that the human-animal bond is the fuel that powers the emotional  side of our profession. The bond allows us to thrive and not just  survive in the greatest profession on earth.” – Marty  Becker, DVM